NEW Dishes
NEW Look


It is amazing to share with you, we have created NEW house special dishes with herbs and chillies on a new look of THAi DAYS menu.


They are ready for you to try now!

Mieng Pla Pao.jpg

Mieng Pla Pao

Banana Blossom with Soft shell crab salad.jpg

Banana Blossom with Soft Shell Crab Salad

Deep fried soft shell crab with banana blossom, coriander, shallot, chilli, red onion, cherry tomato, mint and crispy kale mixed with coconut milk and chilli jam dressing sauce.

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Spicy Scallops

Golden Seared large Scallops then topped with lemongrass, mint,

red onion and chilli.

A splash of THAiDAYS spicy sauce* and garnish of crispy shallot and kaffir lime leaf.

*Contains chilli, lime, fish sauce, garlic and coriander.